Interested in cultural activities and nature experiences? We offer you a list of family activities, everything you need to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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1. City Libraries

Do you have library cards collecting dust in your wallet? These little treasures are too often forgotten. Get the kids ready and take them out for an afternoon reading. We end the visit by choosing good books to take home and read them together. Depending on the region you live in, you can easily get your hands on the list of libraries that are part of your network. Here is the one for the public libraries of Montreal and those of Quebec City

2. Maisons de la culture

The Maisons de la culture are not well known and yet deserve a place of choice in your family activities because they offer many free activities and allow you to stimulate your children’s knowledge. Ask your local Maison de la culture for more information; you won’t believe how much you can do for free. Here is the list of the 12 Maisons de la culture in the Greater Montreal area.

3. Museums

Do you want to introduce your children to the world of culture? Several museums in Quebec present collections and exhibitions free of charge. To help you in your research and to find exhibitions that match your children’s interests, here is the list of museums in the City of Montreal. For those of you who live in the Quebec City area or who will be visiting soon, here is the list of Quebec City museums.

4. Public market

Visiting a public market allows you to learn more about your community, as you meet not only the locals, but also a variety of local artisans. In addition, these visits allow you to stock up on food and craft finds. The Association des marchés publics du Québec helps you quickly find the public market closest to you!

5. Agrotourism

A great way to encourage the local economy (while shopping!) is to visit one or more farms. In addition to being a great educational outing, you will discover how farmers take care of animals on animal farms or how they grow their plants on vegetable and fruit farms. Many farms even offer free tastings of their products. The guide Terroir et saveurs helps you find these places throughout Quebec. You can also find out about the virtual open houses of the Union des producteurs agricoles with their many free activities.

6. “Pick Your Own” of fruits and vegetables

“Pick Your Own” is much more than strawberries in the summer and apples in the fall. In fact, a wide variety of fruits (raspberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.) and vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.) can be picked in the fields of the province’s various agricultural producers until October. Picking your own fruits and vegetables is an excellent educational activity for children. By learning about fruits and vegetables in this way, children will be more likely to appreciate them when they find them on their plates. In fact, we invite you to cook with your children after a day of self-picking; the logical continuation of a great day spent with the family! We recommend these four recipes that are easy to make with your children. Bonjour Québec’s website allows you to easily locate some places where you can participate in the U-Pick.

7. Walk in nature

A walk in the forest, a stroll in the mountains, the possibilities to discover the nature of Quebec are multiple and allow the whole family to stay active. Observe the birds, insects and animals that you encounter along the way and prepare a small picnic to fill you up along the way.

8. Bicycle ride

Kids love to ride bicycles! Similar to a walk in nature, bicycling is a great way to have a picnic while exploring the trails of an area. In addition, there are many cycling routes in Quebec that allow you to discover the country in complete safety. Don’t forget to wear a helmet and protective accessories to set an example for children.

9. Camping… at home!

Are you a camping enthusiast, but summer is coming to an end? Why not pitch a tent in the garden and organize a camping weekend in your backyard or living room? This is a great way to vary the routine and above all to have a good time with your family. Get inspired by Pinterest!

10. Free tours of Hydro-Québec facilities

Hydro-Québec invites families to visit its power plants, dams and other facilities! Do as nearly 140,000 people do every year: discover an exceptional industrial and technological heritage and learn more about energy at Hydro-Québec. 

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