Reading is a fun way to learn while having fun. The benefits of reading are more than numerous. Not only does it develop skills, but it also stimulates the imagination. By sharing this time with your child, you will help him or her develop, while enjoying a moment of gentleness. It is important that children link reading time with fun and sharing from a young age.

We present 20 educational and entertaining made-in-Quebec books for children to multiply these moments of complicity. In this article, the different books are grouped under 6 categories: good habits, stereotypes, emotions, family and friendship, learning, and anxiety in children.


Good habits

Bon dodo Loulou!

Bon dodou Loulou! (Have a good sleep Loulou!)
Author : Bach
Publisher : De la Bagnole


It’s almost bedtime… Loulou still has a little fun with his toys. The puzzle! The train! The puppet! The playdough! Loulou goes to the potty. The toilet paper! The toothbrush! The washcloth! Glass of water! Now it’s time for your bath. Loulou plays quietly in the water. The duck! The little car! The fish! The soap! One thing is certain… all the little ones will soon go to sleep.

Je suis écolo!

Je suis écolo! (I’m green!)
Authors : Angèle Delaunois and Philippe Beha
Publisher : De l’Isatis


I hear everywhere that my beautiful planet is sick. That we don’t take enough care of it. But even though I’m a child, there are lots of little things I can do to help her get in better shape.

Phil&Sophie : Je suis respectueux

Phil & Sophie : Je suis respectueux (Phil & Sophie : I am respectful)
Authors : Nicole Lebel and Francis Turenne
Publisher : Fablus


Phil & Sophie behave a bit abruptly when they play with their friends from the snow class. When they realize that they themselves wouldn’t like to be treated the way they treat others, they become more respectful and they feel much better. The Phil & Sophie collection: positive attitudes to adopt!


La vérité sur les princesses

La vérité sur les vraies princesses (The Truth About Real Princesses)
Authors : Dominique Demers and Philippe Beha
Publisher : Québec Amérique


In a funny album fantastically illustrated by Philippe Béha, Dominique Demers demystifies preconceived ideas about princesses. She explains to little girls that they don’t have to be perfect and that they can all be real princesses! Here’s an inspiring album to show girls that you don’t have to strive for perfection, but rather be yourself and… have fun!

Les jolies filles

Les jolies filles (The pretty girls)
Authors : Stacy McAnulty and Joanne Lew-Vrietho
Publisher : Scholastic


What is beauty? Beauty is a social concept based on many stereotypes. These stereotypes influence young girls to believe that not only is beauty important, but that to be beautiful, they must adopt so-called feminine behaviours. In her album Les jolies filles, Stacy McAnulty denounces these stereotypes with lightness and humour. To support her assertions, she uses images tinged with contrasting irony. Her book allows parents to lead a discussion on different models of beauty and the importance of feeling good about themselves.

Lolo : l'autisme

Lolo : l’autisme (Lolo : Autism)
Author : Brigitte Marleau
Publisher : Boomerang


I sit down when I arrive at the daycare. But Lolo, when he arrives in the room, on tiptoe, he starts to dance. Lolo does not understand the words… You have to show him a drawing or a photo. But Lolo also likes to play and he gives me his hand to go and play with the train.

Tu peux

Tu peux (You can)
Author : Élise Gravel
Publisher : La Courte Échelle


This album deals with stereotypes among children. In a society where behaviors are often gendered and predefined, this book shows that it is important to be true to one’s emotions, without relying on the opinion of others. The author approaches this sensitive, yet essential subject with a light and comical drawing that characterizes her work. Thus, throughout the pages, children will discover the different facets of their personalities.


La doudou et les émotions

La doudou et les émotions (The cuddly toy and emotions)
Authors : Claudia Larochelle and Maira Chiodi
Publisher :De la Bagnole


The “doudou” laughs, the “doudou” cries, the “doudou” is shy or she is afraid… The “doudou” is like you ! Filled with emotions!

La ronde des émotions

La ronde des émotions (The Emotions Round)
Authors : Molly Potter and Sarah Jennings
Publisher : Scholastic


Emotions arise spontaneously and children don’t always know how to tame them. This book is a valuable tool to help them recognize their emotions and find strategies to avoid letting them get the upper hand.

La colère de Fabien

La colère de Fabien (The anger of Fabien)
Authors : Martine Latulippe and Nathalie Parent
Publisher : Mammouth rose


This morning, Fabien was the first to arrive at the daycare. For a while, he had his educator just for him. Until Éli, his best friend, arrived and interrupted their play. Fabien feels a big ball forming in his belly and is terribly angry at his classmate, whose ringed eyes and sad face he doesn’t even notice. As the day progresses, Mrs. Marianne pays special attention to Eli and Fabien’s anger continues to grow. At the end of the day, an awareness will lead him to be ashamed of his behaviour and will allow him to redeem himself.

Galette et Tartine : Les émotions

Galette et Tartine. Les émotions (Galette and Tartine. Emotions)
Author : Lina Rousseau
Publisher : Dominique et Compagnie


In each album, emotions are presented with a lot of humor to play down the situations that the child experiences on a daily basis and to initiate discussion about fear, anger, embarrassment, or pride with parents and educators. Children identify with Galette and learn strategies to calm down, reassure themselves and gain self-confidence.

Family and friendship

Je suis un grand frère

Je suis un grand frère/Je suis une grande soeur (I’m a big brother/I’m a big sister)
Author : Caroline Jayne Church
Publisher : Scholastic


Share the joy that an elder feels when a baby is born! The arrival of a new baby brings many changes and older children need a little more tenderness to adjust to their new home environment. This delicately illustrated story is ideal for an older sibling preparing to welcome a baby.

Bob le bobo

Bobo le bobo (Bobo the boo-boo)
Authors : Mélina Schoenborn and Sandra Dumais
Publisher : La Courte Échelle


Bob is a boo-boo. An adorable little boo-boo. But he’s lonely and bored. It’s not always easy to make a friend when you have a boo-boo. Maybe the little boy who just fell off his bike will agree to adopt him? This is the beginning of a great story of friendship that will be repeated over and over again!


Caillou : Mon coffret de grand

Caillou : Mon coffret de grand (Caillou : My big box)
Authors : Pierre Brignaud , Joceline Sanschagrin , Nicole Nadeau and Christine L’heureux
Publisher : Chouette


This anniversary edition brings together 5 must-have books from the Step by Step collection: Le pot, La petite soeur, Mon lit de grand, Caillou dit non! and Caillou se fait garder. Designed in collaboration with child psychologists, this collection accompanies toddlers through different stages of their development.

Animaux colorés

Animaux colorés (Colored animals)
Publisher : Bayard

In this book, the child learns the colors by associating several animals with each word. Some of them are presented on double pages, to show a wide variety of species. From red to green, there are more than 100 illustrations.

Les fruits et légumes

Les fruits et légumes (Fruits and vegetables)
Author : Mika
Publisher : Boomerang


My Baby Image is a learning tool for developing early stimulation in young children. A simple and colorful presentation, with one illustration per page, allows the toddler to recognize the animals in the zoo, vegetables, nature and means of transportation.

Ben entreprend : des premières lectures pour initier les enfants

Ben entreprend : des premières lectures pour initier les enfants (Ben undertakes: first readings to initiate the children)
Authors : Julia Gagnon , Danielle Tremblay and Kami Naidoo-Pagé
Publisher : Marcel Didier


The “Ben Entreprend” collection introduces your children to entrepreneurial values: creativity, autonomy, a sense of responsibility, leadership and solidarity. Lively and easy to read stories for ages 6 to 8 thanks to the identification of complex sounds, the simplicity of the vocabulary used and explicit illustrations. The Ben Entreprend collection accompanies your children in an easy, educational and fascinating reading experience.

Anxiety in children

L’anxiété racontée aux enfants

L’anxiété racontée aux enfants (Anxiety told to children)
Authors : Ariane Hébert and Jean Morin
Publisher : De Mortagne


An indispensable tool for parents, caregivers and children! Beatrice is overwhelmed to learn that the discomforts she feels have a cause: anxiety! With the support of a pet psychologist and her four-legged colleagues, she discovers the different facets of anxiety disorders and how to tame them. Does your child see dangers everywhere? Is he or she alarmed for no reason? Does he consider the worst of any situation? Does he perceive the tasks to be accomplished as a mountain to climb? Is he afraid of failure? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this illustrated tale will help you talk to your child about anxiety in a simple and colourful way. Also help your child better understand his or her symptoms with the “self-observation” section of this colourful and fun little book. Fill up on tips that can be applied to everyday life to overcome the difficulties associated with anxiety. You’ll see, it’s not that complicated!

Incroyable moi maîtrise son anxiété: guide d'entraînement

Incroyable moi maîtrise son anxiété: guide d’entraînement (Incredible Me: Anxiety Management Training Guide)
Authors : Nathalie Couture , Geneviève Marcotte and Nadia Berghella
Publisher : Midi Trente


Of all the developmental pathologies encountered in children, anxiety disorders are among the most common. Between 7% and 17% of children will one day experience an anxiety episode or disorder. However, parents and the various caregivers who interact with anxious children do not always have the necessary tools to properly explain to them how to better control their fears and anxieties, whatever they may be. Here is an illustrated intervention guide designed to help children better understand the physical, cognitive and emotional manifestations of their condition and, above all, to become true champions of anxiety management. Each section provides a theoretical introduction for adults, followed by simple, pictorial explanations in children’s words. Several concrete exercises and amusing illustrations punctuate this essential work for all those who wish to give children effective tools to be proud to become “Incredible Me”!

OLLIE : Un livre sur la pleine conscience

OLLIE : Un livre sur la pleine conscience (OLLIE: A Book on Mindfulness)
Author : Élise Gravel
Publisher : Scholastic


I have a dog running around in my head. His name is Ollie. Sometimes my dog is quiet, curious or scared. And sometimes he gets excited… a little too excited! When that happens, it’s hard to stand it. So what can a dog – or an anxious child – do about it? Do you have a dog in your head? In her most recent illustrated book, Quebec author Elise Gravel helps children identify and calm their anxiety in a conscious and soothing way.

Picture : @mael_belland/Unsplash

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