1. Les femmes de tête

Les femmes de tête is a group that was created in 2016 by the digital marketing agency La Mallette. Bringing together close to 39,000 women, this group is a place of professional exchange where mutual aid and sharing join forces. Whether you are an entrepreneur or simply looking for answers to your professional questions, this group is for you.

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Les femmes de tête

2. L’argent ne dort jamais

L'argent ne dort jamais

This group was created in 2019 by Youcef Ghellache, a finance professor at Montmorency College for over 10 years. With more than 28,000 members, L’argent ne dort jamais is there for you to ask your questions about personal finance. You can ask for advice on any subject related to the management of your money and that of your family. Being part of this group also gives you access to a dashboard and a toolbox to develop a solid foundation for managing your finances, free of charge.

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3. Mordus d’immobilier

The company Mordus d’Immobilier is the largest community of real estate investors in Quebec. Created by Jocelyn Grégoire, owner of nearly 1,000 doors, they have several tools at your disposal, including a Facebook group – Mordus d’immobilier – designed to help all real estate owners and investors. Whether you are already a homeowner and/or investor, or you want to take your first steps in real estate investment to generate additional income, this group, which has nearly 65,000 members, allows the exchange of information and tools that are beneficial to your success. Several free downloadable guides are also available.

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Mordus d'immobilier

4. Héros de nos enfants

Héros de nos enfants

This group of 22,000 members is mainly for parents, educators, teachers, and caregivers. Héros de nos enfants allows you to connect with other people who share your reality in order to motivate you and provide you with tips and tricks with one goal in mind: that your children, your mini-heroes, reach their full potential. This group is designed, among other things, to share tips and tricks related to the family and the development of children, and to ask for the opinion of other members on questioning that we can experience at home or in our work environment with children.

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5. Parent Life Network, Canada

Parent Life Network, Canada is a group with over 125,000 members, where Canadian parents can connect – ask questions, share tips and find resources to help make their parenting journey more awesome. It’s a discussion group for all types of parents and caregivers across Canada.

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Parent Life Network, Canada

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