Intro edition

The perfect box to get a little taste of the MABY experience!

$75+ of premium products for mom and kid for only $54.95 CAD*.

Free shipping all over Canada

Offer a world of discoveries

Spoil a mom you admire by sending her a MABY gift card to take care of herself and her child.

You prefer to send a gift box directly to her home? It’s over here!

Original edition

Get 6 to 8 premium products for mom and child 0 to 5 years old with a value of $120 and more for only $84.95 CAD each season.

You wish to personalize your selection of products for each season? Choose the annual subscription! Receive 4 boxes per year for only $79.95 each.

Free shipping in Canada – Regular size products

*Taxes not included

intro edition

The perfect box to get a taste of the MABY experience!

Receive 4 to 5 premium products for mom and child 0 to 5 years old worth $75 and more for only $54.95 CAD*.

Free Shipping in Canada – Regular Size Products

*Taxes not included

No subscription required

give the joy of discovery

Give a gift card to a mom to allow her to take of herself and her child. 

You prefer to send a gift box directly to her home? It’s over here! 

Current seasonal edition


$120+ of premium products for mom and kid for only $79.95 CAD

Free shipping all over Canada – Cancel anytime

premium discoveries

Get high quality products, half for mom and half for kid, every three months.

Just for you

Personalize your box and get extra advantages with the annual subscription.


make a difference

Canadian made, eco-friendly, fair trade and women owned. We have high standards. 

Tina Sebti, Founder of MABY

About MABY

The well-being of mothers and their children

For us, the real heroes of all time are definitely moms. We believe that in order to have a positive social impact on the well-being of future generations, we must first take care of mothers today. The MABY platform is dedicated to Canadian mothers with children aged between 0 to 5 years old. It is YOUR unique tool to discover, learn and deploy your full potential.


” I think it’s a great concept to make gifts for both moms and kids! My daughter was amazed to know that there were surprises for her in Mom’s package! “

Sonya B.

” “I received my MABY Box as a gift for my first Mother’s Day! I liked the surprise effect of the box. The content was very interesting and respected my consumption choices as a mom (safe clean botanical ingredients. I loved the fact that it is a Montreal startup and that it is a woman behind this project. Being a woman entrepreneur myself, it made me very happy. “

Abla D.

” I just received my second intro box and wow… great concept! I have a subscription elsewhere so I hesitated to go with the subscription but now I’m tempted! “

Marie-Helene D.

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