Tina Sebti

Our story

Have you ever wondered what your mission was in this world? Beyond succeeding your studies or your professional career, starting a family or keeping an active lifestyle, have you found YOUR reason for being?

MABY’s founder, Tina, knew at an early age that she had to carry out projects that would have a positive impact on the life of a certain group of people. After several years of experience in marketing and management, she decides to bring together her passions for entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and children’s wellness, by launching her own business in 2020. Through this project, she wishes to contribute humbly to the promotion of sustainable development, stereotype-free education and taboo-free maternity. Tina has also chosen to create a universe dedicated to mothers to help them acquire better consumption habits, facilitate their daily lives and provide them with tools helping them to fully achieve their potential as women.

Her deep ambition : to contribute to the creation of sweet, accomplices and authentic moments between mothers and children each season!

Our concept

We know that your days are full of challenges and that some are more difficult than others. For us, the real heroes of all time are definitely mothers. We believe that to have a positive impact on the well-being of future generations, we must first take care of mothers today. MABY platform is dedicated to Canadian mothers with children aged between 0 and 5 years old. It is YOUR unique tool for discovering, learning and deploying your full potential.

Our main product is the seasonal subscription to the MABY mystery box containing 6 to 8 high-quality full-size products, half of which is for you and the other for your child. It is the double surprise that we promise you four times a year. We are convinced that discovering the MABY box will become your favorite moment of bonding with your child.

Each product in your box is carefully curated by our team from a variety of brands with similar values ​​to ours. Whether it is to discover beauty products, fashion accessories, healthy snacks or even educational books, you could find up to 6 categories of high-end products for women and children in your MABY box season after season.


Our commitment

MABY is committed to having a positive social impact by promoting brands that are predominantly local, eco-responsible, fair trade, and women-owned.

In addition, we pledge to donate 1% of our profits to a Canadian non-profit organization at the end of each year to support causes close to our hearts. We will also donate 1% of our products to charity and 1% of our employees’ time in the form of volunteer work with local organizations.

We are passionate about individuality, diversity and inclusiveness through all our actions and decisions.

You are a company that recognizes itself in our values and you wish to make discover your products through our concept? Write to us at info@mabybox.com and it will be our pleasure to discuss it with you in order to offer moms the most unique experience possible.

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FREE SHIPPING with any order of 75$ or more. Conditions apply