This is no longer something new but instead, it is a concrete fact: the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. The production of clothes has many negative effects. For instance, a cotton t-shirt requires 660 gallons of water (which represents what a single person drinks in 3 years), and produces 11 pounds of greenhouse gases (the equivalent of 11 miles with a car). Despite polluting effects, it only takes 3 hours for the founder of Zara to earn the equivalent of a Bangladeshi worker in a lifetime.

Beyond production, fashion consumption is also at stake! In Quebec, each person throws away an average of 26 pounds of clothing per year. It represents 95,000 tons of textiles: all stacked, it corresponds to 10 floors. Most alarming: this figure is up to 64.5% compared to 2010. Clothing waste is definitely one of the major issues of the 21st century.

“There is no planet B for our children”

Our children are growing up too fast

It is no longer a debated subject but clothing waste is also a concern of our children! Our babies and toddlers are growing up so fast. Their clothing size is constantly changing. Growth is the biggest challenge for parents when it comes to dressing babies and toddlers. Indeed, some clothes are never worn. In fact, according to a study conducted by Évéa in the winter of 2019, 64% of babies ‘ clothes are not stained, not punctured, or worn, and instead they could be used by others! Moreover, many clothes are lightly stained and condemned to landfill sites.

Hopefully, there is an alternative: second-hand clothes! Despite the increasing practices linked to buying second-hand supplies and products, the Kijiji Second-hand Economy Index states that baby clothing and accessories represent only 8% of the goods traded (2009) in Canada.

Renting second-hand clothes: a convenient and ecological way to dress our children

Évéa company’s mission is to extend the life cycle of clothing, avoid unnecessary storage of baby clothes and divert clothing from landfill sites.

Based in Montreal, Évéa rents second-hand clothing for our children between 0 and 4 years olds. The company fights against clothes waste and is delighted to educate good practices, at a younger age, regarding the environment and the planet!

In order to renew our children’s dressing room according to their changing sizes and changing seasons, Évéa rents from one month up to four months, small bundles of 3 beautiful outfits stylishly arranged from various and numerous clothing pieces. This little bundle is designed and created by women from a professional reintegration center in Montreal (Petites Mains). It includes 8 to 10 “matchy-matchy” clothes adapted to the season and baby’s size. Kids essentials are also available for renting on Évéa’s e-shop such as a coat, a jacket, a warm wetsuit for the cold winter, a winter hat, or a snowsuit!

Boutique Évéa

Don’t panic, “holes and stains” insurance is included in the price!

What happens if baby stains a rented t-shirt or the most beautiful pants in the bundle? Don’t panic! Thanks to its “holes and stains” insurance included in the rental price, Évéa releases the responsibilities to parents from small damages caused by babies on clothes. Évéa goes further than just renting! Actually, Évéa collects and reuses worn or stained clothes by creating new products.

Discover new bundles every month

Every month on its website, Évéa unveils on its website and social networks its new bundles and new clothes according to the season. It’s the perfect opportunity to make the move through a new way of consumption: an environmentally friendly way to dress our children and educate them about one of the main issues of our time!

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